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Hack Google?? Is It Possible??

Every hacker needs to develop his abilities if he wants to maintain up to date. That's why he will use every tool he can find. From all of these possible options, Google hacks have become a new instrument for hackers. Although Google hacking isn't widespread knowledge, it should be understood by any hacker and even for the everyday computer user. But, if you want to become a hacker, Google is the way to go. Learn how to hack Google and you will acquire a powerful tool for your everyday work.
What Is Google Hacking?
Basically, it's the ability to use Google for finding hidden bits of data or information that the hacker can use for his advantage. Or in other words, hacking Google search appliance. How so? Let's say that you are a black hacker (someone who uses his hacking abilities for selfish purposes) and want to access the email account of a chosen victim. The first thing that hacker's do is to find out what is the secret question in the email account of their prey. Let's say that the secret question asks the name of the pet of the account owner. How can the hacker learn it? Besides asking the pet's name to his victim (which is very suspicious), it's probable that that bit of information is lost somewhere in the internet. Maybe the owner went into a forum regarding pet insurance and left inside the name of his dog. These are the kind of things that Google permits to find. Another common use is to hack Google Adsense click. That way your webpage will have a higher position when a related query is made through Google. After all, more clicks mean more money for you.
How Is It Done?
If you want to make a typical search in Google, let's say, house insurance, you only need to put those words in the query bar and press the search button. In the case of a Google hacker, he will use special characters that the common user doesn't use or doesn't even considered using. For example: +, /, and -. Each one of these characters are used for special purposes. For example, if you use the minus sign just before a determined word, like dog, Google will only show those searches were the word dog doesn't appear. One of best places for finding a how to hack with Google tutorial is the Google Hacking database, posted online by the hacker Johnny Long. In this webpage, you will notice hundreds of ways of using Google for exploiting the weak points of servers and webpages.

Google Hacking and Methods Used
Another place to look into is the book Google Hacks, by Rael Dornfest and Tara Calishain. Inside this book you will find tips for the most common Google user to more complex routines, specially created for programmers who know HTML and XML. Johnny Long has also published a book of his own. Considered the next step after reading Google hacks, Google hacking for penetration testers shows users the dark side of Google hacking. Composed by twelve detailed chapters, this book is full of tips on how to find corporate data through Google. This book is especially useful for a white hacker who wishes to increase the security of a client's network (also known as system's auditing). As you can see, how to hack with Google is not something that you will learn from one day to another. There are some basic routines in online Google hacks that you will need to learn. And as time goes by and your necessities increase, you will be able to use the more advanced aspects of this wonderful tool. For example, consider site mapping. You only require to enter a determined keyword, let's say, confidential.doc, and next to it the words site: The marvellous thing about Google is that it will be able to search inside the computer network of ABCD and display any files with that name. This is possible if you have not secured the network properly. Even more, you can find login name and passwords. Type determined keywords like private, credit card, password or passwords and a determined extension like .doc, .xls or .db. You will be surprises on the results you will get. So, it's better that you start learning on how to use Google. This company has created a new language for accessing the unlimited amount of information that exists out there.

What Are The Sites That Are Affected By Google Hacking?
The main sites that suffer from the Google hacking tool are those that have login portals. Why? Because hackers are always looking for ways to access this webpages. For them, it is a challenge to break the security of these sites and show the world that they are capable of doing it. Of course, there are other kind of hackers who want to access a website for purposes of their own, like reading private emails, acquiring credit card information or even stalking someone. Password hacking using Google is the favourite method of hackers since it gives them instantaneous access to the account without doing too much research. Remember, Google gives you access to millions of documents in dozens of languages around the world. So, for the first time in the history of humanity, you have the ability to search about almost everything from almost anywhere. Hundreds of millions of individuals in the planet are using Google. Even if you are not a hacker, you can see that there are certain advantages in knowing the existence of Google hacking. For instance, you could be hacking Google for any confidential information regarding you or your company. That way you can protect yourself from any vulnerability systems. It's better to stay alert to the menace of Google hacks than be caught unaware of it.

Expert Tips for Keeping Google Hacks at Bay
Google hacking is here, and if you want to prevent it, you need to know more about it. Why? Millions around the world have become aware of this powerful tool, and black hackers, those who use hacking for criminal activities, won't dismiss its potential. So, how can you prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a Google hacker? The only way to do it is to learn these new tricks. So forget about Google Earth hacks and take some time preparing for your defence.
How Can You Protect Yourself from Google Hacking?
The first step for protecting yourself from something is knowing how that something works. In the case of Google hacking, you will have to learn how it can be used for acquiring confidential information from individuals and corporations. An ideal place to look for a how to hack with Google tutorial is Amazon. Within this online store you will find two books that can help you. I have already told you the name of those two books. The first one has been written by Rael Dornfest and Tara Calishain, and it's title is Google Hacks : Tips & Tools for Smarter Searching. This book is considered the introductory course for any computer user who wants to learn how he can exploit the potential that Google offers. The second book is Google Hacking For Penetration Testers, written by the author Johnny Long. Considered a more advanced lecture, it gives the user the knowledge that only black hackers are aware of. The great thing of this book is that it focuses on the weak points that most system administrators overlook and that are exploited by almost every hacker. Google, as innocent as it may be, has become another tool waiting to be exploited. After you have read this two books, you should be able to perform the most basic kind of Google hacks and even some of the most advanced ones. But, as if everything in life, you need to master the art of Google hacking. And, if you wish to sell your services as a network security expert, it's better to know it from the A to the Z. The best way to do it is to contact other hackers in their specialized forums, via IRC or even at the multiple conventions that they celebrate around the USA. You will find tons of information that you will not have been able to acquire by yourself.

What Are The Methods Adopted By An Enterprise/Company?
Since corporations are organizations depend on the security of their systems, they invest a great deal of money in network security (besides, no enterprise would want to be a victim of something as simple as Google hacking). One of the typical tools used by them are honeypots. In the common, physical world, a honeypot is a container used for storing honey, and it's known for attracting living beings due to its high caloric content (humans or flies, either one of them are always looking for food). In the virtual world of computers, a honeypot also attracts determined individuals. How? A network honeypot is a place that poses as something it isn't: a network site that is easy to hack by an intruder. Actually, it is a trap for any hacker trying to get inside. Although it may seem that it is part of the main network, in reality it is separated from it. The hacker may see from outside that the honeypot is the door he was looking for. Easy to force, and full of information that could mean huge chunks of money; he assumes an oversight of the system administrator and decides to use it. Of course, a honeypot isn't something simple to use and can become a sword of two edges. If it isn't adequately managed, an expert hacker could use it for really accessing the network the honeypot was supposed to guard and protect. Besides trapping hackers, honeypots have become a versatile tool for detecting spammers. Since spammers abuse the existence of open email relays (an email server that permits anyone in the internet to send mails through it) and open proxies (a computer that permits access to a network through the internet), it is the perfect instrument for catching them. Another tool against hackers is the Robot Exclusion Standard. Created in 1994, this convention accorded the use of the file robots.txt. This file contains those sections of the webpage that the administrator doesn't wish to be accessed from outside. That way, companies can protect their intellectual property without the fear of being Google hacked. Although hacking should not be a negative word, it has acquired that meaning within the popular culture, thanks to movies, the media and books. Hacking should be the art through which a user can exploit the capacities of any electronic device beyond the intentions of its manufacturer. Unfortunately, people think of hackers as people who spend their days and nights intruding inside other's computers and stealing money from their credit cards. Even something as innocent as Google Earth hacks could cause a shudder in the common man of the street. Imagine what devious schemes a hacker could create by hacking Google Earth! But forget about those misconceptions. Hacking is an art, and if you wish to protect yourself from it, you need to master it. So start from the basics, learn the tools of the black hackers and start some Google hacking of your own.

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