Friday, January 14, 2011

Hack Google?? Is It Possible??

Every hacker needs to develop his abilities if he wants to maintain up to date. That's why he will use every tool he can find. From all of these possible options, Google hacks have become a new instrument for hackers. Although Google hacking isn't widespread knowledge, it should be understood by any hacker and even for the everyday computer user. But, if you want to become a hacker, Google is the way to go. Learn how to hack Google and you will acquire a powerful tool for your everyday work.
What Is Google Hacking?
Basically, it's the ability to use Google for finding hidden bits of data or information that the hacker can use for his advantage. Or in other words, hacking Google search appliance. How so? Let's say that you are a black hacker (someone who uses his hacking abilities for selfish purposes) and want to access the email account of a chosen victim. The first thing that hacker's do is to find out what is the secret question in the email account of their prey. Let's say that the secret question asks the name of the pet of the account owner. How can the hacker learn it? Besides asking the pet's name to his victim (which is very suspicious), it's probable that that bit of information is lost somewhere in the internet. Maybe the owner went into a forum regarding pet insurance and left inside the name of his dog. These are the kind of things that Google permits to find. Another common use is to hack Google Adsense click. That way your webpage will have a higher position when a related query is made through Google. After all, more clicks mean more money for you.

Email Hacking

Is Your Mail Account Compromised by Hackers?
Almost every one of us has heard a friend complaining that his email account has been hacked. Or it may have happened to you. The truth is that hacking yahoo messenger accounts or any other kind of email provider account has become quite a problem for users. MSN password hacking or hacking yahoo accounts are no longer the realm of experts. Thanks to the widespread use of the internet, any hacker can learn the required tricks to master the art of hacking yahoo ids or hotmail email password hacking. He only needs to make a basic search with keywords like hacking yahoo passwords, msn messenger hacking tools, msn hacking programs, hacking yahoo mail, hotmail hacking programs, hacking yahoo email or even something as simple as hotmail hacking guide. All of that is out there, ready to be learnt.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

32 Bit Vs. 64 Bit Linux

The majority of new computers support 64-bit software, but software incompatibility has held 64-bit operating systems back. Now 64-bit operating systems are becoming more widely used, with even Windows 7 being embraced in 64-bit form. 64-bit operating systems are better able to utilize larger amounts of RAM and are faster at certain types of processor-intensive tasks, but there are some lingering issues around compatibility with 32-bit third-party software, particularly Web browser plug-ins.